Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Leopard attacks to forest guard India Videos

A leopard attack in the Indian village Prakash Nagar has left 11 people wounded, as per the AP reports. A snarling leopard mauled 11 people in an Indian village and terrorized wildlife officials are trying to drive it away before it was tranquilized and died of injuries from the violent confrontation.

Leopard attacks to forest guard India Videos

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Forestry officials were forced to flee, diving for cover and even climb on a jeep to escape the adult male leopard attack in West Bengal state.

The wildlife officers - wearing protective helmets and carrying truncheons and soothing guns - had hoped to run the cat in a nearby wildlife sanctuary after wandering into the village near Siliguri, about 373 miles (600 km) from Calcutta. Forest official Dharma Dev Rai said villagers used knives, rocks and batons to beat back angry animal.

But the leopard stood his ground, crouched on a wall, hissing and attacking those who came near. The cat wounded six villagers, a police officer and four forest guards before they were hit with a tranquiliser. The injured animals died within hours, and a post mortem is being carried out. Leopards are protected in India, although several cats straying into villages in search of food, just as their natural habitat increasingly intervenes by expanding populations.

The animal strayed into the village on Tuesday and was frightened by a crowd of spectators, according to a wildlife official. Forest guards eventually tranquilized the animal after several attempts.

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